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Our Mission

Mindvalley is ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives so everyone can unleash their fullest human potential and be extraordinary. How? Nelson Mandela affirmed it through the most powerful tool of all – education.

We want to change education globally and provide innovative and holistic education for all levels – from infant learning and highschool models to all stages of adulthood. We currently do this by building successful app companies, health and fitness platforms, and online academies.

The 3 Major Education Gaps Which Hold Us All Back from Truly Fulfilling Lives

Be Extraordinary

Mindvalley creates, builds and publishes transformational personal growth tools, techniques and communities for the mobile generation. Extraordinary living is something we believe in for each and every one of us, and if we eliminate limiting beliefs that are hindering us from pursuing our dreams and adopt powerful mindsets, we can unleash the life that we are truly capable of living.

What We Do

We Bring Great Yoga Authors To The World

Zenward is a unique platform designed to help you build a lively, fun Yoga practice, no matter your age, fitness level, body type, or current mindset. Zenward brings together some of the most renowned and passionate yoga instructors from around the world to guide you with grace through the transformational journey of yoga.

The Zenward Community is made up of passionate Yogis who live and breathe the Zenward Mission — A community that embraces your individual yoga practice and empowers Yogis to share ideas, guidance and support, while promoting best practices and keeping everyone informed on the latest Yoga innovations and success stories.

With the world’s leading instructors to guide you through flows, a community to support you every day, challenges to push you and weekly reminders that bring you closer to the mat, you will experience Yoga like never before at Zenward.

Technology To Help People

Designing and innovating on digital technology plays a critical role in our mission to create new education models. Mindvalley invests largely in building our own platforms to enhance the user experience and revolutionize digital learning.

Mindvalley Academy is our most successful experiment to date, having been dubbed the world’s first online university for transformational education.

In 2012 we launched Omvana, a meditation app that grew on to become the number one iPhone Health & Fitness App in 35 countries. This was followed by Dormio, an app dedicated to easing sleeping problems and enhancing your slumber with soothing tracks.

We also designed Elula, a brand new content consumption platform for desktop, mobile and tablet usage, designed to provide functional design and an intuitive user experience that values speed and simplicity but puts quality content front and centre.

In 2014, Mindvalley introduced a new steampunk-inspired office space to launch one of the hottest tech labs in Asia – we’re looking to give the best iOS, Android and Ruby developers in Asia an epic place to work.

Explore the tech lab here.


combines great content and teaching and community with great tech to help people master their body and mind.

Mindvalley builds advanced platforms and ecosystems for learning


Advanced human learning through innovation in education is our main goal. Through Mindvalley we have also been focusing on conceptualizing education ideas and models that can redefine current standardized educational curriculums, where subjects and practices such as mindfulness and entrepreneurship are missing and crucial to the human development.

For instance, our peer to peer learning technology platform – Tribe Learn, allows collaborative learning and networking for people in new and emerging occupations where the rules of business change rapidly.

That’s why we constantly innovate on our businesses, communities and consumption platforms to make sure we only endorse authors, programs and products whose mission aligns with ours.

Mindvalley has mapped out twenty year vision to reform global education and we will be working with governments and private corporations to radically transform education for the next 100 years of human generation, covering every stage of life – from infant, kindgergarten and high school to university and adulthood.

If you’re interested to explore a partnership or collaboration with our mission to reform global education, contact us with a full proposal or details at media@mindvalley.com

Meet the Team

Cecilia Sardeo

Co-Founder of Zenward

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley,
Co-Founder of Zenward

Karina Swenson

Zenward Business Manager

Olivia Mercado

Learning Experience Manager

Ericka Cascante

Customer Support Specialist


Brett Harding

Customer Support


Tania Safuan

Branding & Public Relations


Miriam Lopez Medel

Partnerships & Affiliate Marketing