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Six Features That Make Zenward Unique

1. Usable On Any Device So You Can Practice Anywhere At Any Time

With Zenward, you can practice Yoga anywhere you want either in the comfort of your home, at work, while travelling or even outside in the park, any time you want on your desktop or your phone.

Practice Anywhere Anytime | Zenward
2. A Close-Knit Community So You’re Never Alone

You’ll never be alone. Experience the journey with your peers. Be part of a Tribe of Yogis who are at the same level as you. Spark discussions about topics which are most important to you under constant guidance of our in-house coaches. You can share and upload your own Yoga videos.

Closeknit Community | Zenward
3. A Personalized Journey So You Can Practice At Your Own Pace And Level

Our in-house experts join hands with some of the world’s best Yoga teachers to create a personalized journey based on your needs and level. Zenward meets you where you currently are and helps you level up at a consistent pace.

Closeknit Community | Zenward
4. Incredible Value For Your Money Because It’s Less Than A Single Live Yoga Class

Each and every Yoga journey within Zenward can be practiced for 15-20 minutes a day if that’s how much time you have. You get better results with less time.

Zenward is extremely affordable and flexible. If you enroll today, each session you complete is less than the price of a coffee.

Closeknit Community | Zenward
5. An Experienced Guide To Hold Your Hand At Every Step

An experienced host, Cecilia, guides you through each stage of your personal Yoga journey and helps you develop a daily practice.

She is the co-founder of Zenward and has more than 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training under her belt. It’s her personal mission to open up Yoga to everyone.

Cecilia | Zenward
6. A 7-Day Yoga Journey Designed to Build Your Daily Yoga Routine in a Week.

Join a 7-day yoga journey designed to balance and strengthen your body, while you experience a calmer, more focused and receptive mind. Every single day we will explore a different theme that we can apply to our daily life, while we release tensions in our body and break a sweat.

Cecilia | Zenward

Here’s What You Get When You Enroll

1. Build a Daily Yoga Routine in Less Than a Week

To jumpstart your experience here at Zenward, our in-house expert Cecilia Sardeo has crafted a 7-day yoga journey which is a must for beginners and a great refresher for those looking to make a fresh start.

Every single day we will explore a different theme applicable to our daily life, while releasing tensions in the body and breaking a sweat too.

From breath, to flow, to alignment and mindfulness practices — this 7-Day Yoga Journey will leave you feeling energized, relaxed and motivated.

Availabe on both OS and Android | Zenward

2. Endless Ways To Learn, And A Guide To Help You Along Your Journey

As you become more specialized, you’ll be able to choose the journey that is right for you, such as the 30-Day-Journey, 7-Day Challenge, “Shred Those Pounds,” “Sensual Yoga” or “Steady Your Mind” and more. Each journey is a collection of courses by rockstar authors who specializes in the specific kind of Yoga flow that you intend to master.

Entire Library of Specialized Yoga Courses| Zenward

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3. Full Access To The Zenward Community Which Grows Together

Our community, the Zenward Cafe, is where peers commit to learning from each other and share valuable insights with you on a daily basis to help accelerate your learning

Engage, huddle, form study groups and spark discussions around courses or any other topic that is important to you. Enrich your journey with new relationships and support groups that can help you navigate life, and find people who share common goals and values with you.

And the best part is: these conversations are already taking place.

The Zenward Cafe | Learning Community

4. An Ever-Increasing Library Of Customized Yoga Courses As New Flows Get Added Every Month

We’re constantly introducing new courses from ​some of the most experienced Yoga instructors​ in the world. Each teacher specializes in different Yoga styles, so that ​you won’t get bored — even when practicing daily. Pick a class that suits ​your schedule, mood and needs on any day. After all, it’s YOUR practice. And it’s YOUR journey.

Customized Yoga Courses | Zenward

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A brand new class every week | Zenward

Here’s everything you get when you order:

When You Subscribe To Zenward, You Will Get:

  • Our carefully designed 7-Day Yoga Journey to lay a strong foundation.
  • Create your own personal collection of courses by mood, level or teacher.
  • A community where you can engage, interact and grow with the other students.
  • An expert team of hosts and coaches who will guide you through every step of the way.
  • Access to new courses, meditations and flows every month.
  • Access to our private learning group to grow your yoga practice while staying motivated.
  • On-the-go access across all your devices.

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What People Have To Say About Zenward

“It is the perfect yoga for my home practice.”

“Lots of different flows to choose from, at varying levels, with great descriptions! So much to choose from. And it feels very unpretentious to me — it is the perfect yoga for my home practice.”

Amy Beliar

“Now I am a Yogi for life!”

“I love Zenward! I love the variety and the instructors. Thank you for helping me find peace. Now I am a yogi for life! I struggle with making time for me to step on the mat, but when surrounded by kids, I just lead my own yoga lesson for them. My goal is to keep that peace within me, on and off the mat. I would love to go through teacher training one day. Thank you Zenward!”

  • Kelley Coronado

“I have lost 4 kg since I started doing Yoga with Zenward!”

“I have lost 4 kg since I started doing Yoga with Zenward! I have tried to do this for so long, and now I finally see results. Plus, I feel my strength coming back. Wooohooooo!”

  • Francesca Facio

“A variety of practices at your fingertips.”

“Variety of practices at your fingertips at a price that doesn’t make me feel pressured if I miss a day or more. I can enjoy when I choose.”

  • Hanna Shelley

“The teachers are very clear in their instructions and explanations.”

“It helps you do yoga in a relaxed manner as you would have if you were to go to a class in a gym or at a spa. The teachers are very clear in their instructions and explanations of the exercise routine they are taking you through. I love the structure of the breathing that each reinforces.”

  • Maria Scimeca

“I like the community, the fact that I am not alone in this journey.”

“I like the community, the fact that I am not alone in this journey. I also find it very important to have a guide, someone who can give me advices and suggestions to improve my practice.“

  • Anh Thu Nguyen

“I love Zenward. I am delighted by how beautifully it has become a necessity in my daily routine.”

“I love the variety of instructors and their different practices. I find the variety helps me fit my daily yoga to how my body is feeling. I learn so much from each different instructor. The icing on the cake comes from the wonderful insights and pointers you offer in your postings. I love Zenward. I am delighted by how beautifully it has become a necessity in my daily routine. Zenward yoga has an extraordinary positive impact on my daily happiness. Thank you so very much for bringing this to everyone.”

  • Elizabeth Dawson

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