Introducing Zenward

Zenward is a unique platform designed to help you build a lively Yoga practice, while having fun.

With the world’s leading instructors to guide you through flows, a community to support you everyday, challenges to push you and weekly reminders that bring you closer to the mat, you will experience Yoga like never before at Zenward.

World Class Teachers

Zenward brings together some of the most passionate teachers from around the world to guide you with grace through the transformational journey of yoga.

Learn from world class experts like Kino MacGregor, Rebecca Pflaum, Erin Motz and many more…

Meet Your Guide

While I loved yoga, I often found myself alone in my practice. I missed sharing my discoveries and frustrations with other yoginis.

After completing a 500 hours yoga teacher training and connecting with so many amazing souls who loved the same experience, I created a whole new community in my office at Mindvalley with 30-40 yogis joining me in a 100-Day Yoga Challenge.

It was so much fun. And we made so much progress. Not only physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually…

That is why Zenward is so important to me. It’s not just the perfect place to explore the physical side of yoga and stay in shape. It’s our yoga community. It’s about enjoying the bliss and joy of the practice with our yoga sisters and growing beyond our current limitations together.

Cecilia Sardeo

Certified Yoga Teacher & Co-founder of Zenward


Total Freedom

Zenward welcomes you at any skill level to select your favorite flows, in multivariable styles, from our ever-growing video library.

Just browse by mood, create playlists of our videos all beautifully shot in crystal clear high-definition from exotic locations around the world like Malaysia, Bali, and Los Angeles.

Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

Yoga Anytime,


Yoga is a Journey, Not a Destination. And journeys are meant to be taken with friends.

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Just Imagine…

What it will be like to Join Zenward

You have been using Zenward for 10 days. Enjoying blissful yoga with friends you absolutely love.

Each morning you wake up looking forward to your ‘me’ time when it’s just you and your mat. Your practice gives you a reliable boost of energy, positivity and inspires bliss over the course of your day.

You become a part of a tight knit yoga community. With every passing week, you grow more motivated, and begin to experience the results you’ve always desired.

All while learning from some of the world’s top yoga experts…

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